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From Owner Shelly Rogers

Reliable Medford Property Management, Built on Strong Foundations!


Shelly Rogers and New Foundations Property Management has proudly served the property management service needs of beautiful Southern Oregon for over a decade now. Shelly is an Oregon Licensed Property Manager and along with her Assistant and Tenant Relations manager Debbie Campbell, they provide a hands on approach, understanding a good foundation starts with the client relationship. In addition to their support staff, New Foundations Property Management has a full time licensed handyman or as some say a jack of all trades. This allows for the day to day repairs to handled in a prompt, efficient and cost effective manner.

We understand that whether you a renter looking for a place to live where you and your family is comfortable and safe or a property owner looking to put your property and investment in the hands of a qualified Medford property management company that you may have a few questions. We have taken the time to answer just a couple of the more common ones.

Q. I have a rental, why should I use a property management company?

Using a Property Management Company can put your mind at ease that your future investment is being handled and maintained. Many landlords do not understand the Landlord/Tenant Laws, however a Property Manager is educated in that realm, with continuous education as the Laws change. One never knows what may occur; you may have the best tenant in the world that notifies us of any maintenance issues, pays on time and is in compliance with the signed rental contract. Yet, one may have the tenant that sneaks in pets, additional occupants, doesn’t report maintenance issues, (IE. plumbing, electrical) or fails to pay their rent. Having a Property Manager will handle those issues as part of the monthly Management fee, (court costs are not included).This will alleviate the possible headaches, late night calls, upset neighbors or tenants.

In addition, managing your own rental comes the emotional attachment to your home and it becomes convoluted distinguishing it as a business versus personal. Having a third party involved (Property Manager) keeps it as a business relationship.

In additional the Management fee’s can be a write off on your taxes; Property Managers break the finances down at the end of the year and send you a breakdown of rental income verses the monthly expenses for your accountant. We do inspections and run background checks to assure your investment is being handled accordingly.

Q.There are lots of property management companies in Medford, Oregon why should I use New Foundations PM?

New Foundations PM is a local, smaller company and you deal with the same staff that knows exactly what is going on with your home. We know who our clients and tenants are and keep a personal, yet professional relationship. Our clients are generally pleased with our expertise and know they can at anytime email, text or call with questions. Our goal is to make your landlord experience stress free yet generate income.

We do exterior inspections at least once a month and an interior inspection within the first 90 days of tenant move in to assure that the tenants are in compliance. A background check is completed for everyone over the age of 18 of which the applicant will pay for. The background check will consist of credit score, criminal history, social trace, job history and different names associated with the social security number.

We collect rent in a timely manner and if not received we will issue 72 hour notices and proceed with legal action if needed, we send monthly statements and an annual breakdown of rental income and expenses and will do direct deposit into our clients account and then email the monthly statement.

All calls are returned with 24 hours regardless of weekends or holidays; however if it is maintenance emergency; that is addressed immediately. Our tenants and owners have our personal cell phone number for those emergencies.

Bottom line: We are professional, yet personal to keep a smooth transaction and open communication with both owners and renters. Our goal is to get your place rented with a qualified tenant and manage your investment long term allowing no worries to you. We are a “reliable Property Management Company, built on strong foundations”.

Vacancy periods are significantly reduced with our extensive pool of prospective renters as well as routine advertising. We have relationships with maintenance contractors and receive discounts on work done, thereby passing the savings on to you. Ex: $30/hr plumbing compared to $60-85/hr standard.



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